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Coin Operated Fruit Machines

We can supply your public house with Category C £100 jackpot gaming machines, either reel based or digital. Machine will be supplied on either 50/50 profit share or on rental. With no licence duty to pay since February 2013, just pay 20% Machine Games Duty on the takings. A local authority permit is required to operate a gaming machine on your premises, and the licensee needs to be registered for Machine Games Duty before we can supply the equipment. We can assist you with this, and for a small fee can act as an agent to file the returns and pay the duty quarterly, no more worries about late returns penalties.


We also supply club premises with a range of reel based or digital gaming machines on profit share. As long as you have a permit from your local authority, every private member's club is allowed up to 3 gaming machines. You will need to register for Machine Games Duty with HMRC if you operate category B4 (club), or C machines.

Category B4 - Standard Club Gaming Machines with jackpots up to £400 - 20% MGD payable on takings. 

Category C - Usually seen in pubs but also allowed in clubs, multi stake with £100 Jackpot -  20% MGD.

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